Twitter alerts developers of a bug it discovered and fixed

Twitter has alerted developers of a bug it discovered and fixed that may have compromised their accounts.
Twitter developers
The micro-blogging platform sent an email to developers saying it discovered the bug where information about your Twitter developer apps may have been stored in your browser’s cache when you visited

“While we have no evidence that your developer app keys and tokens were compromised, we want to make sure you are aware of what happened and what you can do to keep your apps and account secure,” Twitter said in the email.

The website is the portal where developers manage their Twitter apps and attached API (Application programming interface) keys.

“If someone who used the same computer after you in that temporary timeframe knew how to access a browser’s cache, and knew what to look for, it is possible they could have accessed the keys and tokens that you viewed,” Twitter said.

“Depending on what pages you visited and what information you looked at, this could have included your app’s consumer API keys, as well as the user access token and secret for your own Twitter account,” Twitter said.

Twitter said it fixed the issue by changing what content gets cached when users access the portal.