Trend Micro unveils enhanced security software

Trend Micro

Trend Micro unveiled enhanced security software, Trend Micro Security for 2017, designed to protect personal data and files.

The cyber security service provider said the new range of software has expanded capabilities that safeguard users from ransomware, malicious threats, identity theft and new malware varieties.

The security software is capable to offer protection against 250 million threats a day.  The latest version of Trend Micro Security provides an additional layer of protection for most valuable files.

“Cybercriminals are everywhere, watching and waiting for their next victim to get too comfortable and relaxed with their digital footprint,” said Eva Chen, CEO, Trend Micro.

“With Internet accessibility at the push of a button, falling into a ransomware trap or finding your devices riddled with viruses is easier than ever. We think the best defense is a good offense,” Chen cautioned.

Trend Micro further warned that it’s important to keep mobile devices protected as well. Android mobile ransomware threats have grown 15 times higher than they were in April 2015.

While ransomware for PCs still outpace Android ransomware quantity, these malicious mobile threats are infiltrating homes in clever ways like infecting Android-based Smart-TVs.

Given that, Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android, included malicious app detection and keeps its users safe from ransomware attacks while online.

“As technology and cybercrime continue to evolve, so do the security threats that come with it,” said Chen.

Trend Micro believes its new offering will provide the comprehensive protection needed in today’s digital landscape.