Trend Micro identifies phishing scam on Facebook

Infotech Lead India: Trend Micro has detected a malware sample that affects users of Facebook by redirecting them to a spoofed page that sports the tagline “Security checks help keep Facebook trustworthy and free of spam”.

The malware sample, detected as TSPY_MINOCDO.A, redirects all traffic to and to the system itself using the affected machine’s HOST file. The malware then begins monitoring all browser activity.

The malware has been found capable of performing DNS queries to several domain names. This indicates that the cybercriminals behind this phishing scam are prepared for server malfunction and may even have backup to continue stealing information.

Rajat Sahu, product marketing manager, India & SAARC, Trend Micro said, “Users eager to log into Facebook may fall victim to this ruse, taking the ‘security check’ for face value. This may result in them entering their details and thus exposing their credit card accounts to cybercriminal infiltration. We are trying our best to timely update users about these constantly evolving threats and provide solutions to combat them.”

Unlike other social media attacks which use fraudulent links, this malware is an executable which runs every system startup. This capability makes it a big threat to multiple users using an affected system.

Trend Micro advises users of social networking sites to bear in mind that such websites would never ask for their credit card or online banking account details for verification. Trend Micro offers protection from this threat by blocking the domain hosting this fraudulent malicious webpage.

Trend Micro recently unveiled its new version of Worry-Free Business Security Solution that allows users to use PCs and Macs without fear of interruption or data loss.

According to the Websense 2013 Threat Report findings, each week organizations face an average of 1,719 attacks for every 1,000 users. Malicious websites have increased by nearly 600 percent worldwide.


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