Trend Micro releases Cyber Risk Index (CRI) for second half

Trend Micro announced the findings of its Cyber Risk Index (CRI) for the second half of 2021, standing at -0.04, which is an elevated risk level with North America being at -0.01.
Cyber Risk IndexRespondents revealed that 76 percent of global organizations think they’ll be attacked in the next 12 months, with 25 percent claiming this is “very likely” to happen, and an even higher percentage (34 percent) among North American organizations.

The semi-yearly CRI report asks questions to measure the gap between respondents’ preparedness of attack and their likelihood of being attacked.

In this report, 84 percent claimed to have suffered one or more successful cyber-attacks in the past 12 months, with over a third (35 percent) saying they’d experienced seven or more.

Threats they’re most concerned about are ransomware, phishing/social engineering, and denial of service (DoS)—and the negative consequences of a breach are stolen or damaged equipment, cost of outside consultants/experts, and customer turnover.

When it comes to IT infrastructure, organizations are most worried about mobile/remote employees, cloud computing (with a “high risk” score of 7.75 / 10 for North America), and 3rd party applications. USA organizations put the cloud computing risk score at 9.87 / 10.

This highlights the ongoing challenge many organizations have around securing the digital investments they made during the pandemic. Such investments were necessary to support remote working, drive business efficiencies and agility, and understand increase the corporate attack surface.

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