Trend Micro provides cyber security solutions to BHEL

Cybersecurity solutions firm Trend Micro has provided security solutions to BHEL, securing nearly 23,000 endpoints across 35 locations.
Trend Micro cloud securityIndia-government owned BHEL, partnering with CMS IT Services, implemented the Trend Micro Endpoint Security solution in phases.

Trend Micro assisted BHEL to gain multiple layers of threat protection and data security for their endpoints and servers. The consolidation across 35 locations also resulted in reducing the number of management servers to six.

“BHEL gained a strengthened security environment with Trend Micro’s OfficeScan, which enabled anti-malware and threat protection. They integrated Trend Micro’s Control Manager into their cyber-SOC which resulted in visibility of the endpoints and servers,” Nilesh Jain, vice president – Southeast Asia and India, Trend Micro, said.

“Trend Micro’s Endpoint Security solution provides complete visibility at a centralized level, giving a unified level of cybersecurity awareness across BHEL,” said Sandeep Kumar, Dy. general manager of BHEL.