Taj Hotels, Owned by Tata, Investigates Potential Data Breach Impacting 1.5 mn Customers

Concerns have arisen regarding a potential data breach at Taj Hotels, a part of the Tata Group, impacting approximately 1.5 million individuals. Reports indicate that personal information, including addresses, membership IDs, mobile numbers, and other identifiable data, may have been compromised.
IT network security issuesThe perpetrator, identified as Dnacookies, has allegedly claimed possession of a comprehensive dataset and is seeking $5,000 for its release.

In response to these claims, the Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), the entity operating the Taj Group, emphasized their commitment to safeguarding customer data. Taj Hotels does not reveal the name of its cyber security partner, which is responsible for handling the security network.

A spokesperson for IHCL stated, “We have been made aware of someone claiming possession of a limited customer data set which is of non-sensitive nature. Safety and security of our customers’ data is of paramount importance to us.”

Indian Hotels Company has a portfolio of 274 hotels including 82 under development globally across 4 continents, 11 countries and in over 100 locations. Indian Hotels Company has reported revenue of Rs 1,481 crore and profit of Rs 167 crore during July-September 2023.

The company has initiated a thorough investigation into the matter and promptly notified relevant authorities. Furthermore, IHCL assured customers and stakeholders that continuous monitoring of their systems has revealed no indications of an ongoing security breach or any impact on their operational functions.

This incident underscores the growing concerns surrounding data security and highlights the critical importance for businesses to maintain robust measures to protect customer information. IHCL’s swift response and proactive approach to addressing the situation demonstrate their dedication to ensuring the integrity and security of customer data.

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