T-Mobile selects SecurEnvoy to provide secure data access for 15,000 employees

Infotech Lead America: T-Mobile has selected SecurEnvoy to provide secure data access for 15,000 employees.

T-Mobile implemented a new remote authentication solution that utilizes mobile telephones.

SecurEnvoy’s SecurAccess and SecurICE solutions are based on the principle of token less two-factor authentication.

T-Mobile staff will be able to identify themselves from anywhere when logging in using their mobile phone they will use a password and a dynamically generated pass code on the phone. This will ensure highly secure remote access to the corporate network.

Users at T-Mobile do not have to carry additional devices with them for identification purposes if they wish to access the corporate network. The only requirement is a mobile phone, which every member of staff generally has with them anyway.

The users have the choice for either receiving an SMS to the phone or an app for smart devices. In addition, 2,000 T-Mobile employees have become the first users of the SecurICE solution, an emergency situation service from SecurEnvoy, via which users can securely access the company’s network if they are temporarily unable to get to the company’s premises.

Darren Westmore, project manager at T-Mobile, says SecurAccess and SecurICE actually help it promote the use of mobile telephones.

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