Symantec’s tips to secure enterprise mobility in India

Infotech Lead Asia: Security solutions major Symantec has shared tips to secure enterprise mobility in India.

First, enterprises should take a proactive approach and carefully plan an effective mobile implementation strategy.

Indian enterprises can start with the apps with greatest productivity benefits for employees. One of the best ways to get started is to implement apps that will have an immediate business impact.

Enterprises need to get the benefits while minimizing risks. The key is to be aware of the risks associated with mobility such as information loss, and to follow the example of the innovators

Symantec shared the tips in the wake a Symantec State of Mobility Survey 2013 report suggesting that 37 percent of Indian businesses have faced revenue loss due to mobility mishaps, with 1 in 3 businesses facing direct financial loss in the past 1 year.

Symantec also suggests individual mobile phone users to follow these:

Set a password on the phone

Always password protect your mobile devices with unique and strong passwords to prevent valuable information from being stolen.

Be cautious on public Wi-Fi networks

Avoid open and unsecured Internet connections, such as free public Wi-Fi, as they increase the risk of you exposing your devices to online threats.

Never save any PIN numbers or passwords

Avoid storing information and details on your mobile devices, which could be stolen by malicious apps and hackers.

Be cautious of all notifications

Always check alerts and suspicious notifications from unknown sources via emails, text messages and applications. These might contain links that download malware onto your mobile devices, or require you to submit your personal information.

Make sure your security software is up to date

Install a mobile security solution, like Norton Mobile Security, and stay updated with the latest versions to keep your mobile devices safe from threats and fraud.

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