Symantec’s Cloud strategies for 2013

Infotech Lead India: Symantec is betting big on cloud security.

Starting from 2013, the Safe cloud platform will be a combination of a number of clouds where clients can easily interact. This platform will consist of both public and personal cloud. Moreover, it will be integrated with application functionality, security and visibility will be high.

The aim of the safe cloud will be to protect people, infrastructure, policy and information and the company is poised to offer such security solution to those who have their own infrastructure, builders and consumers.

“The industry recognizes that protection and information management technologies found in traditional IT are accelerating cloud advancements. Companies are looking for secure private and public clouds that ensure their data and people are protected,” said Mitchell Smith, vice president & Gartner Fellow at Gartner Research.

Alert Logica says Cloud is as safe as an on-premise environment. The type of infrastructure (service provider versus on-premise) is a better determinant of the type and frequency of attacks than the target’s industry segment. Web application and brute force attacks were the two most common incident types experienced in both on-premise and service provider environments.

The cloud security software market is expected to reach $963.4 million in 2014, growing at a CAGR of 41.4 percent from $241 million in 2010, according to TechNavio.

Recently, Forbes reported that Symantec has been losing market share to the free anti viruses like Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG and Avast. With a market share of 15 percent, the company manages to remain in the top tier in North America and has a share of 11 percent globally.

The latest version of Symantec might give it a boost as it has been designed specifically for Windows 8 with added features like protection against social network based malware and prevention of data theft from tablets and smartphones.

The feature of mobile anti-virus that helps prevent theft of data from lost or stolen mobile phones can be an edge on the other competitors as smartphone market are expected to grow by 55 percent and the yearly shipment size would be one billion by 2015.

A number of security vendors like Symantec and McAfee have already ventured in to the cloud security market with recent inclusion of Sourcefire with its FireAMP security solutions.

Symantec leads the cloud security space with over one third of the market revenue in 2011. Other major vendors include Trend Micro, HiTrust, High Cloud Security and Bromium. The top five cloud vendors recorded a 2/3rd of the cloud security revenue in 2011.

The safe cloud environment will give the company an edge over other competitors as other vendors like McAfee do not offer such training programs.

Aparna Mullick
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