Symantec offers Anomaly Detection for connected vehicles

Symantec IoT_-_Automotive

Symantec introduced Anomaly Detection for Automotive to protect against zero-day attacks on connected vehicles.

The security service provider said the Anomaly Detection for Automotive identifies issues for early remediation.

There will be 220 million connected cars on the road in 2020, according to Gartner. Connected cars offer drivers conveniences such as navigation, remote roadside assistance and mobile internet hot spots.

While new technologies promise to enhance the driving experience, Symantec said, these advancements also create avenues of attack for hackers that can endanger drivers and passengers.

Anomaly Detection for Automotive uses machine learning to provide in-vehicle security analytics that monitor all Controller Area Network (CAN) bus traffic without disrupting vehicle operations.

Further it learns what normal behavior is and flag anomalous activity that may indicate an attack. Symantec said the solution works with any automotive make and model.

“Automotive security threats have gone from theory to reality,” said Shankar Somasundaram, senior director of product management and engineering at Symantec.

“The infrastructure and technology that already helps protect billions of devices and trillions of dollars now protects the car. We’re building long-term comprehensive security all while delivering ground breaking protection for cars today.”

Symantec will demo its Anomaly Detection for Automotive solution at the TU-Automotive event this week in Detroit at booth C80.