Symantec to acquire mobile security technology co Skycure

Symantec CEO Greg ClarkCyber security company Symantec is set to acquire U.S. and Israel-based Skycure, a provider of mobile security solutions.

Skycure said its mobile security solution — based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies — proactively protects mobile devices across all major mobile operating systems from threats.

Adi Sharabani is the co-founder and CEO of Skycure.

Symantec aims to utilize Skycure’s predictive threat detection techniques to strengthen Symantec’s enterprise and consumer mobility offerings and secure mobile workforce.

Last year, Symantec’s researchers discovered more than 600 new vulnerabilities on iOS and Android operating systems and mobile malware detections doubled to 18.4 million.

Symantec will combine Skycure with Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform to offer access to effective endpoint protection offerings across mobile devices, with capabilities for mobile devices, applications, network gateways and data protection.

Symantec has invested in mobile security through SEP Cloud and Norton Mobile product lines. The protection capabilities in those product lines will expand with this acquisition and puts Symantec on the path to protect more than 1 billion endpoints.

“Mobile is a core component of our strategy and the acquisition of Skycure is a major step forward in executing it. Together, we will offer the cloud generation an integrated mobile cyber defense architecture that will protect customers’ mobile devices and networks across iOS, Android and Windows,” said Greg Clark, Symantec CEO.

The acquisition of Skycure will enable Symantec to position the global security company to serve as a strategic partner for telecommunications companies seeking to build mobile security solutions for their end users. Skycure also has validation from Global 2000 customers in the healthcare and financial sectors.

Symantec will offer Skycure’s technologies to its existing and new Endpoint Protection and Norton Antivirus customers and partners soon.