Sophos intros anti-ransomware CryptoGuard technology

IT security firm Sophos on Thursday announced that its next-generation anti-ransomware ‘CryptoGuard’ technology is now available with its ‘Sophos Server Protection’ products.

With this optimisation, ‘Sophos Server Protection’ now has signature-less detection capabilities to combat ransomware and can stop the spontaneous encryption of data by ransomware within seconds of detection.

“Servers are a frequently attacked asset and yet, many are not being protected nor are businesses creating essential back-up incase their data is compromised,” Sunil Sharma, Vice President-Sales, India and SAARC at Sophos, said in a statement.

By adding ‘CryptoGuard’ to server security, Sophos is closing a critical gap by preventing ransomware attacks that could come in through rogue, guest or remote access users or other weaknesses in a company’s network.

“Protection integrating server application with advanced anti-ransomware capabilities is vital to step up effective protection. Sophos has optimised its ‘Server Protection’ products with ‘CryptoGuard’, adding another layer of next-gen protection to tackle harmful cyber-attacks,” he added.

Sophos has also expanded Synchronised Security by adding ‘Sophos Security Heartbeat’ capabilities to Sophos ‘Central Server Protection Advanced’.

By adding ‘Security Heartbeat’ to servers, an IT administrator can now leverage Sophos XG Firewall to automatically isolate infected servers and endpoints to identify and respond to the source of compromises faster.

Sophos ‘Central Server Protection’ also includes malicious traffic detection which monitors for traffic to command and control servers and application whitelisting with one-click Server Lockdown.