Soha Systems partners with CDNetworks

Soha Systems said on Monday that it has signed a partnership with CDNetworks, a global content delivery network provider.

Under the terms of the agreement, CDNetworks has integrated Soha Cloud into its Enterprise Application Security (EAS) service.

“With Soha Cloud helping to power the EAS Cloud, enterprises will now be able to provide secure application access to their user base without deploying complex application delivery and access equipment, and without making massive changes to their application infrastructure,” said John Kang, vice president of business development for CDNetworks.

“This strategic alliance with CDNetworks highlights the unique value that Soha Cloud delivers to enterprises,” said Haseeb Budhani, CEO and co-founder of Soha Systems.

“By leveraging Soha Cloud as the security foundation of their EAS service offering, CDNetworks has reasserted its commitment to solving critical enterprise IT challenges, and has achieved a significant advantage over its competitors.”

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