Seoul’s daily newspaper deploys Zerto Virtual Replication

Seoul’s daily newspaper has deployed Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) to protect its critical IT infrastructure from cyber attacks and natural disasters.

The BC/DR software is simple and easy to use which provides continuous data protection to Microsoft applications of Seoul’s daily newspaper.

Seoul Daily News can now achieve recovery point objective (RPO) of just 20 seconds and a recovery time objective (RTO) of 60 minutes with Zerto Virtual Replication.

The company said Zerto Virtual Replication replicates to deliver an aggressive recovery point objective.

This apart, using Point-in-time Recovery, Seoul Daily News can failover in the event of a natural disaster as well.

In addition, Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) enable virtual machines (VMs) to be grouped together so they can be protected consistently across the VMware environment.

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Also, Seoul daily news conducts a quick training session to ensure that everyone was up to date on using ZVR and can quickly recover the environment whether a hacking incident occurs, or there is an outage due to a natural disaster.

“The solution is so simple, that after a very short training session, even those not familiar with BC/DR operations can easily handle Zerto,” said Bonyang Goo, deputy director, IT Development Dept., Seoul Daily News.

In June, Zerto launched its customer and cloud advisory boards to support business continuity and disaster recovery software innovations.

In December last year, Adapt joined the Zerto Cloud Disaster Recovery Ecosystem (ZCE), to provide customers with an enterprise-grade Recovery as a Service (RaaS) solution.

Shilpa Khatri

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