Seculert supplies cloud-based Advanced Threat Protection Solution to ECI Telecom

Seculert today said it supplied cloud-based Advanced Threat Protection Solution to ECI Telecom to discover advanced threats across all global remote users and endpoints, without the installation of any software or hardware.

ECI Telecom, a provider of telecommunications solutions, will be able to protect against advanced persistent threats (APTs) and malware. Without installing anything, Seculert provided a new level of advanced threat protection for all of its employees, including remote sites and users.

Seculert Botnet Interception module enabled ECI to define external facing domains as well as web-based portals in less than ten minutes.

Seculert began reporting and quickly identified an infected endpoint that ECI could not detect using their existing network security technologies. The Security Team immediately blocked the botnet on their firewalls and took the infected endpoint offline, said Seculert.

Dor Liniado, information security manager at ECI Telecom, said: “The solution is easy to use and the team did not require any special training. The return on investment was almost instantaneous and Seculert has become a central part of our advanced threat protection strategy.”

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