Schneider Electric announces security partnership with McAfee

Energy management vendor Schneider Electric today announced security partnership with McAfee to expand its security offer to incorporate McAfee whitelisting capabilities.

As per the alliance, Schneider Electric customers will benefit from cyber security solutions for the utility and critical infrastructure market.

This collaboration will enable Schneider Electric customers to add tested and certified application whitelisting capabilities in the management of core offerings of water, oil & gas, electric networks and transportation infrastructures.

This will strengthen customers’ Operations Technology (OT) security and lower ownership costs without significantly impacting the performance of critical solutions. The supported portfolio of products includes leading SCADA and energy management solutions.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric customers can combine whitelisting capabilities and change control technology to ensure that only trusted applications run on critical infrastructure systems. They can monitor and manage changes to mitigate malicious or accidental system modifications, preventing execution of unauthorized code and many common malware on their systems.

McAfee Embedded Control, Integrity Control & Application Control solutions will increase the safety, availability and reliability of critical infrastructure environments. The combination of both companies’ capabilities will enable customers to enforce change policy and provide comprehensive and automated audit capabilities for Industrial Control System environments.

“The expansion of our security offer to incorporate McAfee whitelisting capabilities enables Schneider Electric to serve our customers more effectively using a modern and secure critical infrastructure environment,” said Cyril Perducat, senior vice president Software and Digital Services Transformation, Global Solutions, Schneider Electric.

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