Sansa Security provides security subsystem to MediaTek

MediaTek has deployed Sansa Silicon for TrustZone for use in its next-generation mobile processors.

Sansa Silicon offers multiple levels of protection and provides all the tools required for a variety of security scenarios, including device integrity, HD content, encryption and provisioning.

With more than a quarter billion devices around the world, Sansa Silicon is helping manufacturers to design and build a variety of connected devices.

The connected devices designed by the manufacturers are customizable, compliant with security standards and industry requirements, efficient, and field proven.

Sansa Silicon for TrustZone is a complete silicon security subsystem and consists of the hardware IP, firmware and other tools.

The company said subsystem serve the needs of IC vendors, OEMs and the device ecosystem.

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In addition, Sansa Silicon for TrustZone evolve as devices are increasingly equipped with enhanced capabilities for handling computational bandwidth, cloud and local storage access throughputs.

Also, Sansa Silicon for TrustZone enable compliance with security requirements defined by Android, Global Platform, multiple NIST standards, premium audio-visual content owners and others.

“Sansa Silicon for TrustZone provides the architecture and toolset that allows us to rapidly rollout secure mobile processors to our customers that will enable protection for content, mobile payments, and interaction with IoT devices,” said Jeffrey Ju, Senior Vice President of MediaTek.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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