Russia’s Kaspersky to move core processes to Switzerland

Russian cyber security company Kaspersky Lab announced that it will be moving its core processes from Russia to Switzerland.
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This includes customer data storage and processing for most regions, as well as software assembly, including threat detection updates.

Kaspersky Lab, which has started losing business due to its Russia-base, said an independent third party, based in Switzerland, will supervise this process to ensure full transparency and integrity.

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab, said: “We’ve decided to redesign infrastructure and move our data processing facilities to Switzerland. We believe such action will become a global trend for cybersecurity.”

By the end of 2019, Kaspersky Lab will have established a data center in Zurich and in this facility, will store and process all information for users in Europe, North America, Singapore, Australia, Japan and South Korea, with more countries to follow.

Kaspersky Lab will relocate to Zurich its ‘software build conveyer’ — a set of programming tools used to assemble ready to use software out of source code.

Before the end of 2018, Kaspersky Lab products and threat detection rule databases (AV databases) will start to be assembled and signed with a digital signature in Switzerland, before being distributed to the endpoints of customers worldwide.

The relocation will ensure that newly assembled software can be verified by an independent organisation and show that software builds and updates received by customers match the source code provided for audit.

The source code of Kaspersky Lab products and software updates will be available for review by responsible stakeholders in a dedicated Transparency Center that will also be hosted in Switzerland this year.

Kaspersky Lab is arranging for the data storage and processing, software assembly, and source code to be independently supervised by a third party qualified to conduct technical software reviews.

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