RSA unveils Advanced Security Operation Center Solution

RSA, the Security Division of EMC, has announced the new RSA Advanced Security Operation Center (SOC) Solution that arms security teams with new tools to help identify undetected threats that often result in data breaches.

RSA Advanced Security Operations Center Solution will be generally available in Q3 2014.

The development comes on close heels of the company’s latest offering called RSA Web Threat Detection, which helps security teams visualize and analyze millions of user web sessions to help identify cybercrime threats, business logic abuse and fraudulent activities in real time.

Latest IT trends such as cloud, social big data and mobile computing are helping organizations move forward in a big way. Meanwhile they also create greater opportunities for cyber attackers to bypass both legacy and contemporary security tools.

The RSA Advanced SOC Solution is designed to help security teams quickly spot attacks that often go unnoticed by stand-alone log-centric SIEM, and traditional perimeter-based security tools, including anti-virus, firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

The solution delivers real-time detection of emerging and targeted threats without a reliance on signatures, resulting in faster time to mitigation, RSA said. It enables security teams to be far more effective with current skills and resources.

RSA Advanced SOC Solution has the ability to address SIEM, Network Forensics, or Endpoint detection needs, either individually or within one overall solution. Security teams can quickly spot attacks that often go unnoticed by stand-alone log-centric SIEM, and traditional perimeter-based security tools, the company said.

With forensic analysis and endpoint malware detection, RSA SOC Solution provides IT teams with strong visibility, deep-dive analysis and improved detection so they can quickly respond to external and insider threats before they can damage our business.

Further, the solution allows scalable growth based on customers’ current needs and resources while also helping them create a platform to address future requirements.

Commenting on the relevance of RSA SOC Solution, Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst, ESG, stated, “As next-generation technologies like cloud and mobile evolve into the norm, security tools and defensive techniques must keep pace protecting from the expanded risks.”

“Solutions that provide a more detailed view into what is happening on the network and also help prioritize security events can give organizations a significant time advantage to remediate the most pressing issues quickly,” Oltsik added.

Amit Yoran, senior vice president, RSA, said, “Today RSA is delivering on the promise of next-generation security with a complete solution in one platform to address compliance and security needs. In the end, we are helping organizations evolve from being the hunted to being the hunter within their own networks and digital infrastructures.”

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