RSA Conference finalists for RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest 2022

RSA Conference, the world’s leading information security conference, announced the 10 finalists for its 17th annual RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest.
RSA Conference 2022
The competition is for the most promising young companies in cybersecurity to demo their innovative technologies to a panel of judges and live audience at RSA Conference 2022 in San Francisco on Monday, June 6.

Past winners include Imperva, Phantom, Axonius,, and most recently Apiiro.

The finalists will present a three-minute pitch followed by a question-and-answer round as they battle on stage for the title of “Most Innovative Startup.”

The panel of judges includes Dorit Dor, Chief Product Officer at Check Point Software Technologies; Niloofar Howe, Sr. Operating Partner at Energy Impact Partners; Paul Kocher, Independent Researcher; Shlomo Kramer, Co-founder and CEO, Cato Networks; and Christopher Young, Executive Vice President of Business Development Strategy and Ventures at Microsoft. Hugh Thompson, Program Committee Chair of RSA Conference, will host the contest.

The finalists (in alphabetical order) are:

Araali Networks 

Araali is a threat management solution for cloud-native environments. It can both detect as well as block threats. Powered by eBPF, you can enforce explicit policies for “who can do what” in your virtual private cloud, blocking malicious code from establishing a backdoor or accessing your services.


BastionZero is a cloud service that offers engineering teams zero-trust access to their infrastructure (servers, clusters, databases, etc). They use novel cryptographic protocol design to ensure that a compromise of their service won’t lead to a compromise of your infrastructure.

Cado Security 

Cado Security provides a cloud investigation platform. Designed to bring incident response into the cloud era, Cado Response delivers forensic-level detail into cloud, container and serverless environments. Cado empowers security teams to investigate and respond at cloud speed.


Cycode is a software supply chain security solution that provides visibility, security, and integrity across the SDLC. Cycode integrates with DevOps tools and infrastructure to harden security postures, implement consistent governance, detect threats, and reduce the risk of breaches.


Dasera is pioneering DataGovOps to solve the challenges of protecting data at scale while empowering employees with more data. They operationalize data governance by continually monitoring context and automatically integrating security and compliance throughout the data lifecycle.


Lightspin’s graph-based platform reduces the time, cost, and resources DevOps and security teams need to keep their cloud stack secure. By identifying critical attack paths, Lightspin connects the dots between disparate security issues to prioritize and remediate critical issues that matter most, from build time to runtime and operations.


Neosec is reinventing application security by bringing XDR techniques to protecting APIs. Its SaaS platform gives security professionals visibility into behavior across their entire API estate. Neosec discovers all your APIs, analyzes their behavior, and stops threats lurking inside.

Sevco Security 

Sevco Security is a cloud-native asset intelligence platform providing visibility to all assets, users and applications both on-premise and in the cloud, creating a comprehensive and reliable source of truth for better decision making. Its patented telemetry engine finds and reduces security and IT risk.

Talon Cyber Security 

Talon modernizes security programs and improves user experiences for hybrid work by delivering a secure browser purpose-built for the enterprise. The TalonWork browser gives customers the deep security visibility and control over SaaS applications needed to simplify security for the future of work.


Torq is a no-code automation platform for security teams. Limitless connectivity, drag & drop editing, and hundreds of templates make it easy to automate any process. Security teams from large organizations to cutting edge startups trust Torq to help them minimize complexity and maximize protection.

Since 2005, the top 10 finalists have collectively celebrated over 69 acquisitions and received $9.8 billion in investments. Two previous finalists have also completed IPOs in the last two years: SentinelOne (2015) and SumoLogic (2012).

The contest kicks off at the Moscone Center on June 6 at 12:00 PM PT and winners will be announced by 3:00 PM the same day.

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