RSA authentication manager uses big data-driven risk analytics

RSA Secure ID

Infotech Lead America: RSA, The Security Division of EMC Corporation has announced the upcoming release of RSA Authentication Manager 8, an access control solution engineered to combine both strong one-time password technology and risk-based authentication to secure access to sensitive data and resources in the enterprise and the cloud.

RSA Authentication Manager 8 uses a risk-based approach to evaluate and assure user identities invisibly in the background to help assure the security of every user session. It is designed to provide deeper visibility into access control risk by building user profiles based on both device and behavioral characteristics to detect and permit normal behavior and challenge or block anomalous activity.

RSA Authentication Manager 8 has the potential to employ more than 100 risk factors in near-infinite combinations so that organizations are better equipped to evaluate trust and risk based on user activity and can establish an acceptable level of authentication assurance based on individual risk tolerance.

The self-learning risk engine protects against current, emerging and future advanced threats. The enhanced administrator user dashboard and self-service portal, are designed to help both minimize help desk calls and enable IT teams to do more with less. RSA Authentication Manager 8 also includes secure software token provisioning, ensuring that sensitive token or user information can be created dynamically and without having to be sent over the Internet.

Risk-based authentication can be deployed alongside RSA SecurID hardware, software and on-demand authenticators. RSA Authentication Manager 8 will be available as a VMware Virtual Appliance that can help organizations leverage the potential of their virtual environments by streamlining deployment, administration and on-going system management.

RSA Authentication Manager is engineered to support the broadest range of enterprise use cases and cloud applications when combined with RSA Access Manager and RSA’s federated solutions.

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