Recent cybercrime figures show why small businesses need to be more careful than ever

For many, the attitude toward cybercrime is that it will happen to someone else, not them or to their business. However, as statistics from the website report, there is a rise in data breaches that have cost businesses an average of $4.35 million in 2022. This is a $0.11 million increase on the $4.24 million that businesses suffered in 2021. These figures alone point to the fact that preventative measures should be taken.
IT network security issuesEven to be a small fraction of these amounts can devastate a large business, not to mention the issues that could arise for a small one. Being able to take precautions before it happens and to ensure that if your business is targeted, you have measures in place to stall any hacker along their desired route is highly prudent.

It, therefore, stands to reason that you will want to copy successful businessesthat tend to take the following measures to help ensure that they don’t end up adding to these statistics.

Cybersecurity protection software

In order to maintain a high level of cybersecurity, you are going to require some top-class security software. This should not only make it near on impossible for cybercriminals to gain access to any or all of your data but should also offer your business the support it will require should a breach take place.

A Cybersecurity breach will not just be a minor inconvenience whereby some of your files are stolen. They could also be held for ransom or deleted. This will take time to sort out, and it is likely that your business will have to pause trading while it does so. Having cybersecurity software such as SD-WAN will load, balance, and recover data with fast or zero-touch capabilities to limit the amount of costly downtime that you could experience.

End-user training

There is a very strong need for you to take time to train your employees so that they understand how breaches such as phishing attacks happen and what they look like. Unfortunately, it is a company’s personnel that are often the weak link in a security breach. This can be due to a lack of end-user training and the failure to be able to spot or comprehend a cyberattack, or it could be that they are themselves malicious and want to profit from the criminal’s efforts.

Physical security

Undoubtedly, there are other ways in which you can protect your business against the threat of cybercrime that may not be so connected with your online data. This is in the installation of a physical security team. Without any form of physical security, you are leaving your business open to the prospect of a hacker walking into your site and obtaining access to your equipment and software either to physically steal it or to hack it while they are there undetected.

Final thoughts

When it comes to cybercrime, prevention must be taken seriously regardless of the size of your business. Investing in cybersecurity software, end-user training, and physical security teams will help move your business away from the threat of becoming another prime target for would-be cybercriminals to visit.

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