Radware supports Hexatom from Web-based attacks

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Radware said Hexatom has implemented its Attack Mitigation System for DDoS, SSL and Web-based attack protection.

Headquartered in Velizy, Paris area, Hexatom is a IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) Managed Service Provider (MSP) in France and offer colocation and managed hosting services to storage, backup and disaster recovery and virtualization services.

Arbor Networks and Radware are leading the DDoS prevention appliance market.

Earlier, Hexatom used a rate-based solution provided by its telecom carriers. The company faced its first major attack in June after taking on a gaming company as a client affecting the gaming company targeted and all the neighboring clients in the data center.

Radware ensured an in-house and automated attack mitigation solution that includes patent protected behavioral based real-time signatures technology to detect and mitigate emerging network attacks without the need for human intervention and without blocking legitimate user traffic.

“We wanted an on-premises solution to complement the protection we already had in place with our carriers,” said Emmanuel Vannier, Hexatom.

Radware’s Attack Mitigation System has assisted Hexatom to block non volumetric attacks. Hexatom has also launched a new business by providing enhanced DDoS with WAF-based services for their customers based on this integration.

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