PokerBaazi suffered significant security lapse?

PokerBaazi, a leading online poker platform in India, has suffered a significant security lapse after an internal database containing user information was left exposed online for more than two months, says cyber security researcher Anurag Sen.
Victims of cyber crimesPokerBaazi, which has more than 2 million registered users, has clarified that its server did not expose any real data pertaining to users.

Anurag Sen in a tweet said that the exposure was due to a misconfiguration in the system and could be accessed by anyone with knowledge of the database’s IP address. The size of the exposed data was more than 6GB in size, and growing.

PokerBaazi spokesperson said that “we would like to clarify that there is no data breach and our server did not expose any real data pertaining to users.”

“This was a testing done at the dummy stage with logs of dummy users to further develop our platform. These dummy accounts/users are used by our internal testers and developers.”

The exposed data allegedly contained full names, email address, location, Oauth tokens and internal logs.

PokerBaazi said that the server had been kept publicly open for establishing a proof of concept with an external and reputed tool which helps in monitoring applications logs so that it can give us a 360-degree view of how our applications are performing.

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