Orange Cyberdefense aims to recruit 800 professionals

Orange Cyberdefense said it aims to recruit around 800 professionals in nine European countries as compared with 777 experts it hired in 2022.
Orange and digital transformation
At present, Orange Cyberdefense has 3,000 experts.

Positions are available across the entire organization, from analyst roles in operational teams to architects, engineers, consultants, and even ethical hackers.

From beginners to experts (master’s level, engineering or business schools, universities, training in new technologies and/or IT, work-study programs, etc.), roles are available to those who want to work in the fast-paced and mission critical cybersecurity space, on topics ranging from anticipating, identifying, protecting, detecting, and responding to cyber threats.

Orange Cyberdefense ended the last financial year with overall growth of 14 percent across its activities, achieving sales of €977 million.

Orange Cyberdefense has increased its acquisitions in Europe, integrating 4 companies in 4 years. The goal of rapid expansion can be seen in the organization’s desire to be one of the most dynamic employers in its market each year, with an average growth of 13 percent in its headcount in the last 2 years. Last year it hired 777 new experts.

Orange Cyberdefense has created a single recruitment platform for all its cyber campuses in France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

“We promise the professionals who choose to join us that they will be joining an ambitious organization that has the resources to be the leader in its market and to offer extensive development opportunities to its employees,” said Hugues Foulon, CEO of Orange Cyberdefense.

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