OpenDNS acquires BGPmon to expand cyber security biz

OpenDNS has acquired BGPmon, a provider of network and routing monitoring services based on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), to expand its cyber security business.

The company did not disclose financial terms.

The acquisition of BGPmon will enable OpenDNS to enhance its advanced cyber security offerings and security research capabilities.

BGPmon’s service monitors customer networks from hundred of vantage points worldwide and delivers near real time alerts in case of route hijack, network instability or policy violations and provide companies with unique network visibility that can detect threats caused by IP hijacking issues.

“BGPmon’ network security monitoring and routing features will enhance the OpenDNS Global Network and broaden our ability to discover, catch and better predict advanced attack,” said David Ulevitch, founder and CEO of OpenDNS,” David Ulevitch, founder and CEO of OpenDNS.

Integrating BGPmon with OpenDNS means broader network visibility, enhanced predictive threat intelligence, advanced security services and easy to deploy cloud delivery model.

Internet service providers, governments, security providers, financial institutions, consumer web services and researches are using BGPmon.

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