Next-gen Firewall from Dell offers upto 20 Gbps of DPI

Dell has released Dell SuperMassive 9800 Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and complementary management and reporting Global Management System (GMS) 8.0 targeting all sizes of organizations.

According to Dell, mid-sized organizations are also targets of malicious activities. Their security strategies have employed outdated firewalls, web-filtering proxies, and intrusion prevention systems that lack the necessary context-aware, connected intelligence required to blunt today’s more advanced attacks.

SuperMassive 9800 provides the highest-performance deep-packet inspection firewall available, allowing customers to benefit from reduced capital expenditure and reduced rack, power and cooling costs in the future, Dell said.

SuperMassive9800_HeroRThe new GMS solution offers enhanced value to both customers and partners, by making NGFW management simple and efficient, helping to ease resource consumption, reduce overall risk and adhere to compliance requirements with a new workflow automation feature.

Dell  SuperMassive 9800 addresses the most complex and demanding data center operations, all at the lowest TCO, Dell said. SuperMassive 9800 offer up to 20 Gbps of DPI performance while also delivering 97.9 percent security effectiveness without compromising performance.

The solution delivers reduced deployment and management costs with an integrated NGFW, IPS, SSL inspection and application control platform for mid-market and enterprise organizations that require the deepest level of network security.

Additionally, the solution offers industry-leading price-performance ratio, reducing power, cooling and space costs with power optimization design that produces optimal compute performance per Watt (Gbps\W) packed in a space-saving two-rack unit appliance.

The firewall solution supports up to millions of simultaneous connections at near-zero latency for higher throughput, concurrent/ simultaneous TCP connections and connection per second to respond to increased user count, user device count (BYOD and IoT) and demand for network connection, Dell said.

The solution also features new enterprise-level capabilities and resiliency including support for IPv6, A/A clustering, SNMPv3 and Advanced Switching to organizations that previously found the cost of entry for these advanced capabilities too expensive.

Dell SuperMassive 9800 will be available worldwide (except Brazil). GMS 8.0 will be available worldwide in early 2015. Dell Software solutions are available through the channel.

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