NCR reports cyber security incident

NCR, which provides technology platforms for connecting and running self-directed banking, stores and restaurants, informed that a cyber ransomware incident caused a data center outage that affected some of NCR’s commerce customers on April 13.
NCR Commerce PlatformNCR did not reveal the name of the cyber security vendor which is responsible for blocking cyber attacks.

Upon discovering the cause of the issue, NCR took action, including contacting customers, implementing their cybersecurity protocol, and involving external experts to contain the incident and begin the recovery process. NCR did not reveal the name of its customers who faced issues.

NCR is working with its own cybersecurity experts, external forensic cybersecurity experts, and federal law enforcement to investigate the incident.

NCR believes that the incident only affects specific functionality in their Aloha cloud-based services and Counterpoint. Based on their ongoing investigation, NCR has not found any evidence that customer systems or networks were involved in the incident. None of NCR’s other retail products, such as ATMs, digital banking, or payments, are processed at this data center.

While in-restaurant purchases and transactions are not affected, some customers have reduced capabilities in specific Aloha cloud-based and Counterpoint functionality, which has impacted their ability to manage restaurant administrative functions.

NCR is working to establish alternative functionality for affected customers, fully restore impacted data and applications, and enhance their cyber security protections.

NCR has posted revenue of $7.844 billion in 2022. NCR has generated revenue of $2.258 billion from Retail, $926 million from Hospitality, $543 million from Digital Banking, $1.286 billion from Payments & Network and $2.621 billion from Self-Service Banking in 2022.

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