Myspace networking site is the new victim of hacking

Cybersecurity issues
Media giant Time Inc has confirmed that Myspace, a social networking site, is the new victim of a hacking incident.

Myspace technical security team noticed — shortly before the Memorial Day weekend — that stolen Myspace user login data was available in an online hacker forum. The compromised data is limited to a portion of Myspace usernames, passwords and email addresses, from the old Myspace platform prior to June 11, 2013—when the site was relaunched with significant steps to strengthen account security.

The company clarified that the Myspace breach does not affect any of Time Inc.’s systems, subscriber information or other media properties and does not appear to include financial data of any kind.

Myspace is in the process of notifying affected users and working with law enforcement authorities to resolve this issue. Myspace has invalidated the passwords of all known affected users and is monitoring for suspicious activity that might occur on Myspace accounts.

Jeff Bairstow, chief financial officer of Time Inc. said: “Our information security and privacy teams are doing everything we can to support the Myspace team.”

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