MTN taps Arbor to protect network from DDoS attacks

MTN Communications (MTN), a provider of communications, connectivity and content services to remote locations, has selected Arbor’s Pravail Availability Protection System to protect its network from application-layer DDoS attacks that target availability.

Kevin McCarthy, chief operations officer, MTN, said: “Considering the valuable and mission-critical nature of our solutions, security of our systems is always a top priority. The Pravail Availability Protection System delivers us the peace of mind we, and our customers, require, enabling us to focus on the core services we deliver with confidence.”

Arbor Networks customers include many of the world’s ISPs and many of the largest enterprise networks in use today.

MTN Communications

Infonetics Research recently said Arbor’s Pravail Availability Protection System is the most broadly deployed enterprise DDoS detection and mitigation solution in the market.

The Pravail Availability Protection System allows enterprises that are experiencing a DDoS attack to alert their ISPs or cloud providers to the attack and provide salient details that can assist the providers in blocking the attack upstream.

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