MobileIron and Samsung jointly present Android solution Samsung KNOX

Infotech Lead America: Mobile device management company MobileIron announced the expansion of its partnership with Samsung to support Samsung KNOX, the most advanced Android solution for the enterprise. Samsung KNOX provides mobile IT and end users the deepest security and most comprehensive enterprise experience.

“User adoption of Samsung mobile devices is exploding around the world and, with the KNOX, we are establishing a new standard for mobile security in the enterprise,” said Jae Shin, vice president, B2B Business Group at Samsung Electronics. “Our partnership with MobileIron enables organizations around the world to confidently welcome Samsung devices into even the most highly security-conscious environments. With the KNOX and MobileIron, we deliver the security that the IT department requires without compromising the experience end users love.”

Samsung KNOX users can switch easily between environments, increasing their productivity and efficiency. It creates a distinct work persona – entirely separate from a user’s personal content and apps in the work environment.  This helps eliminate the risk of loss of personal or business data. The KNOX containerized environment from Samsung and end-to-end management of enterprise apps and documents by MobileIron make it possible to deliver this experience.

“Samsung KNOX is a major step forward in establishing Android as a core computing platform for business, and we are pleased to be part of the KNOX ecosystem,” said Bob Tinker, CEO, MobileIron. “What distinguishes KNOX is Samsung’s commitment to meeting and exceeding the security needs of the most exacting enterprise and government organizations. Our customers are very excited to trial and deploy the KNOX.”

MobileIron introduces a range of solutions for mobile IT

In June 2012, MobileIron launched the MobileIron Application Delivery Network (ADN) solution for scalable app provisioning in the enterprise. The ADN Mobile IT was designed to deliver apps of any size to any number of devices without impacting the corporate network.

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