MGM Resorts Faces Cybersecurity Crisis, Shuts Down Several Computers

Las Vegas-based MGM Resorts International is grappling with a significant cybersecurity incident that has compelled the company to temporarily shut down several of its computer systems, as reported on the company’s official website on Monday.
MGM ResortsThe renowned casino and hotel conglomerate has taken swift action in response to the incident, launching a comprehensive investigation into the nature and scope of the breach.

MGM Resorts has engaged the services of external cybersecurity experts to assist in the investigation, aiming to identify the source of the attack and assess the potential impact on the company’s operations and data security.

In accordance with established protocols and in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, MGM Resorts International is actively cooperating to address this breach and bring the perpetrators to justice. The company has not disclosed specific details about the nature of the cybersecurity issue, pending the ongoing investigation.

The repercussions of the incident extend beyond MGM’s internal computer systems. The company’s official website has also been affected by the cybersecurity event, rendering it inaccessible to the public. Consequently, individuals seeking to contact MGM Resorts for hotel reservations and related services are advised to use the provided phone numbers.

Cybersecurity incidents continue to pose a significant threat to organizations across various industries, with companies increasingly focusing on enhancing their security measures and response capabilities. MGM Resorts International’s immediate response to this incident underscores the company’s commitment to safeguarding its data and operations.

As the investigation unfolds, further updates and details regarding the incident are expected to be released to the public. MGM Resorts International remains dedicated to resolving this cybersecurity issue and ensuring the security and privacy of its customers and stakeholders.