Medibank reveals a cyber attack on its property manager

Medibank Private, Australia’s largest private health insurer, has revealed that a cyber attack on its property manager had resulted in a breach of a file containing the names and contact details of its staff members.
Managed security serviceThis incident adds to the challenges faced by Medibank, as it continues to deal with the aftermath of a previous cyber incident in October, which led to the compromise of data belonging to approximately 9.7 million current and former customers.

As a consequence of the breach, Medibank is facing three class action lawsuits, and the country’s privacy regulator is investigating the company’s handling of personal information.

Medibank disclosed in an email to Reuters that the cyber attack targeted one of its property managers who utilized file transfer software called MOVEit. As a result, a file containing employee names, email addresses, and phone numbers was stolen. However, sensitive information such as bank details, payroll, and home addresses was not included in the compromised file.

The company emphasized that its customers’ data has not been compromised based on the information available at this stage. Medibank clarified that the attack on MOVEit did not impact its own systems.

Australia has experienced a series of cyber attacks over the past 10 months, prompting regulatory bodies to scrutinize companies’ practices regarding the handling of personal information. The country is also planning to revamp its cybersecurity regulations in response to these incidents.

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