McAfee’s new network intrusion prevention system promises 40 Gbps throughput

Infotech Lead Asia: McAfee on Thursday said its NS-series, a new network intrusion prevention system (IPS) appliance based on Intel technology, offers IPS with throughput of up to 40 Gbps, increased scalability and more capacity to run next generation IPS services.

McAfee says these achievements are a new benchmark for the IT industry.

The NS-series has better port density in the industry which provides more deployment flexibility. The McAfee Network Security Platform with higher scalability simplifies customer deployment challenges and allows them to more easily support growing network demands.

Pat Calhoun, senior vice president and general manager of network security at McAfee, said: “The IPS industry has been talking about next generation IPS functionality for several years now, but when scalability tests are run, these services are almost always disabled, sacrificing security to boost throughput.”

The McAfee NS-series delivers 40 Gbps of performance with all of the NGIPS services running. With continued demand from organizations for more bandwidth, and the rapid adoption of 10 GigE and 40 GigE, greater IPS scalability in the data center is a must.

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