McAfee unveils new mobile security solution

Software developer McAfee said its new mobile security solution scans Android apps, files, SD cards and Internet downloads for malware in order to prevent any data breach.

The solution tracks such apps that pose threat to any data breach and helps in removing malware.

A report says that 35 percent of apps today consist of malware, 80 percent of mobile apps pick location information, 82 percent can identify device ID, and 57 percent record the usage of the phones, and these pose a greater risk for the phone users as privacy and personal security are at a risk.

Users’ biggest concern is that apps at times can read their subscriber ID from the smartphones and tablets, which can contain private information related to banking transaction etc.

McAfeeOnce McAfee Mobile Security is installed free from Google Play Store, it helps in knowing how much information each app is collecting and sharing. It also checks any suspicious URL. Its key feature is to prevent privacy invasions, data loss, identity theft and lost or stolen devices.

It consists of anti-theft, antivirus, app protection, Web and Wi-Fi protection, along with call and SMS filtering.

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