McAfee Unveils AI-Powered Scam Protection to Counter Rising Cyber Scams

McAfee, a renowned online protection leader, has launched McAfee Scam Protection, a cutting-edge feature leveraging patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology to combat cybercriminals utilizing AI to amplify scams and defraud individuals of substantial sums.
McAfee Scam ProtectionCybercriminals are leveraging AI to craft increasingly convincing and personalized scams on a large scale. Phishing scams, identified as the primary cybersecurity threat worldwide, witness the creation of a new phishing site every 11 seconds.

The preceding year saw Americans lose a staggering $330 million to text scams alone, more than doubling the previous year’s losses, with an average reported loss of $1,000. This influx of sophisticated AI-generated scams has made it exceedingly difficult to differentiate between real and fake, leaving 52 percent of Americans concerned about the enhanced accuracy and believability of online scams due to AI.

McAfee Scam Protection proactively identifies and blocks scams, providing users with peace of mind. It swiftly detects malicious links, sending instant alert messages to prevent inadvertent clicks. Even if a user accidentally clicks on a malicious link, McAfee Scam Protection actively obstructs the site from loading.

Greg Johnson, CEO of McAfee, remarked, “AI has changed the game for cybercriminals. Gone are the days of obvious typos, poor graphics, or other telltale signs in phishing emails or scam texts. Today, cybercriminals are using artificial intelligence to dramatically improve the accuracy, sophistication, and speed of an attack, making it harder than ever to tell real from fake.”

He added, “McAfee Scam Protection combines advanced AI with the very best in human threat intelligence to spot and block fake emails, texts, and social media links proactively, so you can go about your day worry-free.”

Key Features of McAfee Scam Protection:

Proactive and automatic protection: Users receive notifications about scam texts before opening the message. Once permission is granted to scan the URLs in texts, McAfee Scam Protection swiftly identifies unsafe texts, advising against opening them.

Patented and powerful AI: McAfee’s AI functions in real-time, continuously analyzing and processing millions of malicious links globally for enhanced detection. This ensures protection against advanced threats, including new zero-day threats that have not been encountered before.

Simple and easy to use: After setup, McAfee Scam Protection begins operating immediately, alerting users if it detects a dangerous link and blocking risky sites in real-time if accidentally clicked.

Available for trial and existing customers: New customers can access a seven-day free trial of McAfee Mobile Security, inclusive of McAfee Scam Protection. Post-trial, McAfee Mobile Security is available at $2.99 per month or $29.99 annually for a one-year subscription. Existing McAfee customers can access McAfee Scam Protection as part of their existing plans.

McAfee Scam Protection’s AI technology operates across various platforms, including Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Text alert functionality is currently exclusive to Android users, with iOS enhancements anticipated in October. Regardless of the platform, all customers can benefit from McAfee’s risky link identification feature, effectively blocking dangerous links across text messages, social media, or browsers.