McAfee to expand security solutions through strategic acquisitions

Infotech Lead America: McAfee will expand its current security solutions portfolio through strategic acquisitions.

The IT security major will also develop projects and partnerships to deliver more integrated solutions and comprehensive protection across mobile devices, endpoints, servers, and network through an extensible framework.

Michael Fey, chief technology officer at McAfee

This is part of McAfee’s strategy for building upon Security Connected, the framework in which security products and services work together to safeguard businesses with better protection from new types of attacks.

Last year, attacks such as Flame and Shamoon exposed vulnerabilities in the point security product approach. Additionally, the biggest day-to-day cost driver for organizations is operations including managing multiple security consoles, numerous policies and rules, and constant updates.

“Businesses are looking for integrated security solutions with built in intelligence and policies,” said Chris Christiansen, program vice president, Security Products and Services group at IDC. “The changes in business today will require the move from simply securing components, to understanding and measuring the security of a business system as a whole.”

Michael Fey, chief technology officer at McAfee, said: “The stakes are high, and businesses require a new model that gives them a comprehensive picture of their entire IT infrastructure. The industry has been built on a historical thought process that will not support the demands of the future. We must move to having a real-time understanding and response capability if we are to meet the needs of the future.”

McAfee Security Connected brings network and endpoint together through an extensible framework, centralized management and integrated with global threat intelligence delivers unprecedented visibility across all threat vectors. At the core of McAfee Security Connected are the principles of integrated solutions, built-in intelligence, and advanced management offered with an extensible architecture for partners that no other vendor can provide.

READ MORE IT NEWS: Seven new partners have joined the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA). McAfee SIA, security industry’s premier technology-partnering program, delivers solutions to maximize the value of existing customer investments while reducing time to problem resolution, and lowering overall operational costs.

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