McAfee offers updated enterprise security solutions for the cloud

Infotech Lead America: McAfee has updated its Security Connected portfolio with McAfee Cloud Single Sign On, McAfee One Time Password and introduced a new McAfee Identity Center of Expertise.

The new McAfee Identity Center of Expertise is staffed with experts in identity and cloud security to help users with questions related to identity and access management issues, such as architecture requirements and best practices.

As organizations continue to move IT operations and functions to the cloud, the McAfee identity and access management solutions aims to maintain business agility with secure and compliant access to critical business information, including cloud-based applications.

The solution addresses the issue of security gaps created by organizations that deploy  legacy identity and authentication solutions that are difficult to customize.

The McAfee One Time Password  is a scalable multi-factor authentication solution for any mobile device or PC. The McAfee Cloud Single Sign On delivers single sign-on (SSO) for hundreds of cloud-based applications either on premise or as a cloud based SaaS solution.

Customers can purchase McAfee Cloud Single Sign On licenses and apply them to either the On-Premise Edition or SaaS Edition or in a mixed hybrid configuration.

McAfee Cloud Single Sign On offers hundreds of pre-configured Cloud Identity connectors, automated account provisioning and de-provisioning, integration with key enterprise identity repositories and built-in multi-factor authentication based on the McAfee One Time Password product. It also offers a management console featuring monitoring, audit and reporting tools with maintenance, upgrades and 24×7 support, at a subscription price.

A patent filed by McAfee in October last year was published late last week. It describes a system to ‘detect and prevent illegal consumption of content on the internet.’  The system will  prevent users from downloading hooky software, music and films from file sharing sites.

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