McAfee launches new Mobile Security software for smartphone and tablet

Infotech Lead America: McAfee has launched new version of its McAfee Mobile Security software with additional privacy features. The new security software ensures apps are not accessing Android smartphone and tablet user’s personal information without their knowledge.

McAfee Mobile Security software gives consumers access to an added layer of protection to preserve their privacy and protection against financial fraud, identity theft and viruses.

In addition to just reporting app permissions, McAfee Mobile Security’s App Alert technology also checks against a URL reputation database, part of McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence Network, and reports the apps that are associated with and/or may be sending personal data to risky sites, such as adware and spyware networks.

The use of mobile apps is increasing in parallel with the increased use in mobile devices. McAfee Labs has discovered approximately five percent of apps in its database are associated with risky URLs. Once permissions are granted, they can invade the user’s privacy and expose their personal life.

“Android apps can ask for 124 types of permissions—these apps could be invading your privacy and exposing your personal life. With McAfee Mobile Security, consumers can now filter their App Alert notifications to just those apps that are using permissions of interest or concern to the user. Whether selecting new apps, shopping online, browsing social networks or employing mobile banking, McAfee Mobile Security protects the mobile user with security that is as simple as it is powerful,” said Luis Blando, vice president of engineering, McAfee.

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