McAfee Labs Threats Report: September 2017

McAfee antivirus for PCsMcAfee Labs Threats Report: September 2017 said healthcare accounts for 26 percent of Q2 2017 security incidents.

Healthcare surpassed public sector to report the greatest number of security incidents in Q2, while the Faceliker Trojan helped drive quarter’s 67 percent increase in new malware samples from the social media landscape.

Facebook emerged as a notable attack vector, with Faceliker accounting for 8.9 percent of 52 million newly detected malware samples. Trojan infects a user’s browser when she visits malicious or compromised websites. It then hijacks her Facebook “likes” and promotes the content without her knowledge or permission.

# New malware samples leaped 67 percent, in part due to surge in Faceliker activity

# Mobile malware grew 61 percent over the past four quarters

# Global infections of mobile devices rose 8 percent, led by Asia with 18 percent

# Mac OS malware growth declined to 4 percent as adware surge subsides

# New macro malware rose by 35 percent, while new ransomware grew 54 percent

McAfee Labs counted 311 publicly disclosed security incidents in Q2, an increase of 3 percent over Q1. 78 percent of all publicly disclosed security incidents in Q2 took place in the Americas.

The health, public, and education sectors comprised more than 50 percent of total incidents in 2016-2017 worldwide.

Health sector attacks led vertical sectors in Q2 security incidents in the Americas.

In Asia, the public sector led in reported Q2 incidents, followed by financial services and technology.

In Europe, the public sector led the sectors substantially in Q2, followed by entertainment, health, finance, and technology.

Account hijacking led disclosed attack vectors, followed by DDoS, leaks, targeted attacks, malware, and SQL injections.

New malware samples leaped up in Q2 to 52 million, a 67 percent increase. This rise in new malware is in part due to a significant increase in malware installers and the Faceliker Trojan. Faceliker Trojan accounted for 8.9 percent of all new malware samples. The total number of malware samples grew 23 percent in the past four quarters to almost 723 million samples.

New ransomware samples increased 54 percent. The number of total ransomware samples grew 47 percent in the past four quarters to 10.7 million samples.

Total mobile malware grew 61 percent in the past four quarters to 18.4 million samples. Infections of mobile devices rose 8 percent in Q2, with Asia again leading the regions with 18 percent.

Mac OS malware has grown by 27,000 in Q2. Total number of Mac OS malware samples increased by 4 percent in Q2.

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