McAfee enhances endpoint security products to offer context-aware security to defend against threats

Infotech Lead India: McAfee announced advancements in its endpoint security products to deliver context-aware security to defend against advanced threats.

McAfee next generation endpoint security protects businesses from both known and unknown threats.

“Implementing and managing security in complex IT environments that include virtual and physical computing, employee owned devices, servers, laptops and data centres is a full time job,” said Ryan Finlay, IT Manager for Networking, Telecommunications, and Security at Reliant Medical Group.

McAfee’s new solutions include user-centric dynamic whitelisting, day-zero intrusion prevention of master boot records, secure containers for mobile devices, and encrypted remote management to address advanced threats.

Third party testing utilizing these technologies against an industry standard sample malware set proved this approach to be highly successful.

According to West Coast Labs, McAfee’s Next Generation Endpoint Security blocked 100 percent of malware.

“A new generation of mobile devices and users requires the next generation of protection,” said Candace Worley, senior vice president and general manager of endpoint security at McAfee.

“McAfee advancements in endpoint security protect businesses from both the known and unknown across all platforms.  By delivering innovative security technology with the highest levels of protection, McAfee is addressing the customer demand for optimum application performance without impacting user experience,” Worley added.

According to a recent IT news report in, seven new partners have joined the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA). McAfee SIA, security industry’s premier technology-partnering program, delivers solutions to maximize the value of existing customer investments while reducing time to problem resolution, and lowering overall operational costs.

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