McAfee cyber education program achieves new milestone


McAfee has reached more than 100,000 youth, parents and teachers with its cyber education program, a free initiative.

The global project utilizes McAfee employees, partners and customers who volunteer to train school-age children and parents on ways to stay safe and secure, as well as maintain good ethics in their online behavior.

The 2013 McAfee Digital Deception study says about 25 percent of youth spends five to six hours a day online. 86 percent of youth believe that social media sites are safe and are aware that sharing personal details online carry risk, yet they continue to post personal information such as their email addresses and social security numbers.

On May 16, McAfee volunteers taught cyber education to approximately 25,000 kids, parents and teachers.

Last school year (2011/2012) through the McAfee Online Safety for Kids program, McAfee employees reached more than 10,000 school-age children in California and more than 25,000 across the world.

In 2012, McAfee expanded the program to include parents and extended into Canada, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the UK.

This year, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard unveiled a new cyber safety module developed by Life Education and McAfee, which has been rolled out to more than 21,000 students since February and approximately 100,000 expected by the end of the Australian school year.

McAfee has also expanded the program to include its parent company, Intel, which launched the McAfee cyber education curriculum to its employees worldwide this year.

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