McAfee appoints Anand Prahlad as India head

Infotech Lead India: McAfee India has appointed Anand Prahlad as managing director of operations.

At present, Prahlad is vice president of Engineering for Endpoint Security at McAfee India. He joined the company two-plus years ago.

Prahlad will replace Sridhar Jayanthi, head of McAfee India.

Sridhar Jayanthi will be moving to United States in 2013 and will be responsible for R&D’s global strategy and execution on mergers and acquisitions

Beginning October 1, Anand Prahlad will be supported by the leaders of the McAfee India Executive Team in driving the maturity and success of the site. He will also maintain his current role as a VP in the Endpoint Security group.

Jayanthi will also be instrumental in steering the company’s portfolio management efforts. Jayanthi will continue to report directly to Bryan Barney, executive vice president of Product Operations.

“Anand has been a valuable asset to McAfee India, and as Sridhar’s groomed successor, has been a critical component in many of the site’s recent successes. Based upon his22 years in technology, and his experience specifically in product development leadership, I am confident he has the skills and tenacity to take the organization even further in terms of engineering excellence,” said Barney.

Over the past 10 years, Sridhar has built a great, productive, and collaborative culture, while becoming a respected member of McAfee’s executive team.

McAfee India employs 1450 people across many different job functions. With 29 products and/or projects fully engineered in MIC across 90 teams, McAfee India is the largest R&D group, and the largest site across all of McAfee. It is a critical asset for the company in developing quality products and driving innovation in a dynamic security market.

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