McAfee acquires sandboxing technology for advanced malware protection

Infotech Lead America: McAfee announced that it has acquired the ValidEdge sandboxing technology from LynuxWorks.ValidEdge sandboxing technology identifies sophisticated, hard-to-detect malware.

McAfee also announced more than 30 malware-focused product enhancements that will broaden its anti-malware portfolio and further strengthen the McAfee Security Connected approach.

The ValidEdge sandboxing technology provides advanced threat detection by running suspected malware in a “sandbox” and learning what impact a suspected malware sample will have on an endpoint. This new technology further strengthens McAfee’s current anti-malware offerings that have been proven as best in class at identifying day zero attacks.

This new technology, when integrated with McAfee’s other network and endpoint anti-malware products, will automatically block future attacks by convicted malware samples. Infected endpoints can be remediated automatically by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO).

McAfee has chosen a comprehensive approach to effectively combat the onslaught of malware threats now numbering close to 100,000 per day and has made over 30 significant anti malware product enhancements.

McAfee network security platform offers signature-less threat detection and prevention technologies, strong botnet prevention, deep file analysis, and a powerful anti-malware engine capable of detecting advanced malware across a full range of protocols and file types.

McAfee web protection expands emulation capabilities to identify advanced malware that dynamically changes in the browser in an attempt to avoid detection. McAfee Email protection can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, and now as an integrated combination of both with a single pane of glass architecture, reducing cost and increasing efficiency while blocking malware away from the network.

McAfee enterprise security manager provides active integration with ePolicy Orchestrator, Network Security Platform and McAfee Vulnerability Manager automates quarantine, scan, and policy command.

McAfee real time for ePO increases situational awareness and reduces exposure, risk, and cost of security. McAfee deep defender provides protection against master boot record (MBR) rootkits.

McAfee’s comprehensive malware protection is based on the McAfee Security Connected platform, which helps customers improve security posture, optimize security for greater cost effectiveness, and align security strategically with business initiatives.

McAfee plans to deliver the first product that integrates the new sandboxing technology in the second half of 2013.

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