Malwarebytes Cuts Jobs to 110 Employees in Major Restructuring

Malwarebytes, a US-based cybersecurity company, has undergone significant restructuring, resulting in the layoff of approximately 100 to 110 employees.
Job cut
This restructuring comes after the removal of key executives, including the chief product officer, chief information officer, and chief technology officer, and follows a previous round of layoffs that affected 14 percent of the company’s global workforce.

The restructuring is part of a strategic plan to split Malwarebytes into two separate business units. One unit will focus on consumer-oriented tools such as identity protection and VPN services, while the other will concentrate on enterprise-facing software, including managed and endpoint detection solutions. This move aims to streamline the company’s operations and align its offerings more effectively with customer needs.

Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski confirmed that these layoffs were primarily targeted at corporate employees and emphasized that no part of the company would be sold as part of this restructuring.

Additionally, cybersecurity company SecureWorks has also announced layoffs, with plans to cut 15 percent of its workforce. According to a regulatory filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), SecureWorks anticipates incurring approximately $14.2 million in expenses related to these layoffs.