LogMeIn releases new update to its IT automation and management product


Infotech Lead America: LogMeIn has released a new update to its IT automation and management product, LogMeIn Central.

The new update enables enterprises to easily monitor and manage hundreds of versions of anti-virus software through a centralized interface.

The new capabilities support anti-virus software offerings like Norton, AVG, McAfee, Kaspersky, and Microsoft Security Essentials.

The new update enables IT professionals to manage all anti-virus installations from a single tool.

LogMeIn’s new Anti-Virus Management feature is designed to let IT professionals:

Verify anti-virus software is installed and enabled on remote PCs and servers

Check virus definitions and update if necessary

Confirm real-time protection is on and turn on if needed

See last full scan time and initiate full scan if needed

View a threat log with viruses found on remote computers

“When we talked to our customers about anti-virus management, it was clear that threat detection and security are critical mandates, but to date, monitoring and managing a mixed environment of anti-virus products has been a cumbersome task,” said Matt Kaplan, LogMeIn’s Vice President of Products.

New versions of LogMeIn Central featuring the new Anti-Virus Management capability are immediately available at LogMeIn.com.

The new capabilities are available as a free update to existing LogMeIn Central users. Free 30-day trials of LogMeIn Central are available on LogMeIn’s website.

“Ensuring our clients systems are secure means working with a wide range of anti-virus solutions, and that translates into using several tools as well as a lot of repetitive tasks. With the new Anti-Virus Management capabilities in Central, we can get a nice, centralized view of all security risks impacting our clients systems, and a much more efficient means of taking quick, effective action,” said Larry Velez, CTO, Sinu, a NY-based MSP and LogMeIn customer.

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