Kaspersky reveals 34% of companies do not use MDM solutions


Infotech Lead Europe: In a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab in association with market research specialists B2B International, 34 percent of the respondents said their companies did not use dedicated Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to protect their business.

Of over 5,000 senior IT managers from companies around the world were surveyed. Dedicated MDM solutions are already in use at 28 percent of companies to address the problems of personal and corporate mobile devices. Another 29 percent have partially implemented MDM.

The survey results revealed that most companies fail to pay adequate attention to securing corporate mobile devices and the data stored on them. Partial implementation cannot ensure the security of all mobile devices and the data stored in them.

With the increasing number of Android devices coming online, the amount of malware targeting Google’s operating system has also grown exponentially. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are also becoming increasingly popular and with more and more employees are actively using their personal devices for work. Without proper regulation on the use of personal smartphones and tablet PCs accessing the corporate IT infrastructure, confidential information is constantly at risk. A security breach and data loss could be caused by a malware infection or an employee losing a device.

Kaspersky Mobile Device Management secures both business and personal smartphones and tablet PCs, together with all corporate data stored on them.  It has a single console for centralized security management which provides detailed information to the system administrator on the activity of all mobile devices connecting to the corporate LAN. This tool enables the administrator to remotely configure groups of mobile devices or individual devices.

Kaspersky launches endpoint security for businesses

Earlier this month Kaspersky launched endpoint security for businesses. Kaspersky’s business security solutions are designed to help businesses overcome the latest challenges in managing a secure, efficient network. Kaspersky Lab lets secure and protect data, even on employees’ own smartphones and tablets. Mobile endpoint protection can be deployed remotely through centralized Mobile Device Management (MDM).

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