Kaspersky presents endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution

kaspersky for security
Kaspersky Lab today announced an endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution that features multi-layered detection and an automated remediation solution.

Businesses can join Kaspersky Lab’s pilot program for Kaspersky EDR starting on October 3 to enhance security.

Kaspersky Lab said its Endpoint Detection and Response comes with enhanced incident mitigation, better visibility over endpoints, interoperability with the company’s traditional endpoint protection product, and investigative capabilities for security teams and SOCs.

Kaspersky EDR customers will benefit from the security company’s experience in threat intelligence, advanced protection technologies.

Kaspersky Lab’s approach to EDR security consists of:

Kaspersky Lab’s incident detection and visibility features make it possible to collect data automatically.

Kaspersky EDR’s detection technologies, including a machine learning-based Targeted Attack Analyzer to help enterprises assess data from endpoint sensors and rapidly generate threat detection verdicts.

To define an attack kill chain, Kaspersky EDR aggregates and visualizes key digital forensics data from endpoints, including information about unknown files and endpoint metadata on processes, programs, services, modules, files, auto runs, network connections and timelines.

EDR is impossible without a timely response that enables organizations to clean infected systems remotely as an alternative to the costly and disruptive manual reimaging of computers.

Prevention of the advanced threat repetitive assault is one of the key advantages of Kaspersky EDR. Teams will be able to prohibit the launch of suspicious PE files, office documents and scripts, and set up rules to proactively delete files on the endpoints.

“To reduce dwell times associated with these unique threats, enterprises should reevaluate their cybersecurity strategies and consider comprehensive EDR solutions as a critical component. Early identification of cyberattacks and incident response needs to be a priority,” said Rob Cataldo, senior director of enterprise sales at Kaspersky Lab North America.

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