Kaspersky offers Webcam Protection in Internet Security suite

In the wake of recent incidents of cyber crimes through webcam, Kaspersky Lab now offers Webcam Protection module integrated it into Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device.

With the rising number of such crimes, several users are playing safe by covering their webcams, according to a study conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International.

Kaspersky study revealed that 21 percent of users cover up their webcams because they fear cyber-spies could be monitoring them via their computers. Chinese respondents are more cautious with 40 percent of the survey participants from the country opting for this.

However, Kaspersky says only 44 percent of respondents are fully aware of this threat and nearly a quarter of users (24 percent) are completely unaware that they could be watched via a webcam.

Webcam hacking is commonly used to steal confidential information. This happens on the notion that some users may keep their confidential information like credit cards or bank details on their computer desk. An advanced webcam can easily capture this information.

Criminals also hack webcam for cyberstalking. Fraudsters can take compromising photos of the unsuspecting victim. These could be used for blackmail, or simply for amusement – and the victim’s embarrassment.

In May 2014 Europol disclosed a network of developers, distributors and users of malicious programs which were also designedfor webcam spying. The investigation began with the arrest of aDutch hacker who had infected the computers of 2,000 women hoping to get intimate photos.

With mobile phones becoming the primary tool for communications, hackers are targeting mobile phones too, causing apprehension among mobile users. The survey finds that 6 percent of users cover cameras on their mobile devices too.

However, covering the lens of the camera may not be an effective method of protection. It does not work with built-in webcams, nor can it prevent images being intercepted when users switch on their cameras themselves, Kaspersky says.

Kaspersky Lab Webcam Protection continuously monitors access to built-in or connected webcams and informs users about any access attempts. Users can choose whether to allow this particular program to transmit video or not. It also offers default blocking of webcam access.

The solution is currently available to Windows OS only.

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