Kaspersky Lab ranked No.3 in IDC’s report on Corporate Endpoint Security Suite

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business holds 13 percent market share in the worldwide Security Suite segment of the Corporate Endpoint Security market, according to IDC.

Kaspersky Lab has also improved its position in the B2C segment, climbing to third place among Consumer Endpoint Security vendors worldwide, up from fourth a year ago.

In the overall Endpoint Security market, Kaspersky Lab remains the fourth largest vendor worldwide, having increased its market share to 7.8 percent (in B2B + B2C) among all vendors, according to the report.

IDC expects Corporate Endpoint Security to be the fastest growing segment in Security Suite over the next five years, with an estimated 11 percent CAGR growth.

Endpoint security

The market will be dominated by integrated endpoint security suites that contain anti-malware, desktop firewall, host intrusion prevention, white listing, advanced heuristics, encryption, and patching.

Corporate Endpoint Security Suite segment is a key element of Kaspersky Lab’s current business strategy. A growing number of companies are realizing the importance of having high-quality security solutions, but they are suffering due to the complexity.

To tap this growing market, earlier this year Kaspersky  launched Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business. The solution delivers a broad array of tools and technologies to enable companies to see, control and protect all endpoint devices.

Kaspersky Lab recently launched Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 featuring a wide range of easy-to-use, rigorous Web security technologies that protect consumers against all types of malware and Internet-based threats.

The company is also planning to launch Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device, a new product designed to protect devices across multiple platforms.

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